Voicemail Pro Example Modules

The files available through this page are example Voicemail Pro modules. They demonstrate how various features can be implemented and controlled through Voicemail Pro. Those that are provided as zip files include sample prompt files and other materials. Where use of the module is explained in a separate document links to the document are provided.



The modules are provided in zip files.


Voicemail Pro Example Exercises

This zip file contains a number of call flow databases (.mdb files) that match the exercises. Download the zip file and copy onto the machine containing VoiceMail Pro. The modules then need to be imported into VoiceMail Pro Client.

It is suggested that the zip file contents are extracted into a folder called voicemail_pro_exercise_callflows in the directory c:\Program Files\Avaya\IP Office\Voicemail Pro.

Only do on a test machine. Any existing modules with the same name will be overwritten when the zip file contents are imported.

To import an example exercise:

  1. Open VoiceMail Pro Client.

  2. From the File menu, select Import or Export.

  3. Select Import call flows.

  4. Click Next.

  5. In the field Import call flows from which file? click Browse.

  6. Select the folder voicemail_pro_exercises_callflows.

  7. Select the required exercise module to import.

  8. Details of the file name and the associated exercise are shown in the table.

  9. Click Open. You return to the Import or Export call flows window.

  10. Click Next. Details of the module selected is shown.

  11. Click Finish. The selected call flow is imported.

  12. Click Close.

File NameTo be used with exercise:
Exercise 02Using a Menu Timeout.
Exercise 03Using a ? Wild Card in a Menu.
Exercise 04Using a $ Wild Card in a Menu.
Exercise 05Recording Entry Prompts.
Exercise 06Using the Generic Action.
Exercise 07Using the Home Action to Restart the Call Flow.
Exercise 08Using a Voice Question Action.
Exercise 09Using the Whisper Action.
Exercise 11Using the Call List Action.
Exercise 12Using the Condition Editor.
Exercise 13Using User Defined Variables.
Exercise 14Module Returns and Re-using Modules.
Exercise 15Creating a Hunt Group Attendant.
Exercise 16Using a Queue Position Action.
Exercise 17Adding a Queue ETA Action.
Exercise 18Still Queued.
Exercise 19Forwarding Messages to Multiple Users.
Exercise 20Creating a Personal Attendant for a User.
Exercise 21Using a Default Start Point.
Exercise 22Using an Assisted Transfer Action.
Exercise 23Using a Play Configuration Menu Action.
Exercise 24Using the Alarm Set Action.
Exercise 25Using a Callback Start Point.
Exercise 26Using the Clock Action.
Exercise 27Using a Post Dial Action.
Exercise 28Using Campaigns.
Exercise 29Collecting the Campaign Results.
Exercise 30Complete call flow containing all the options detailed in the exercises.