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IP500 V2/V2A IP Office Essential Edition

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Using the External Output (Door) Port

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All the IP Office control units are equipped with a EXT O/P port. The port is marked as EXT O/P and is located on the back of the control unit adjacent to the power supply input socket.

The port can be used to control up to two external devices such as door entry relay switches. The usual application for these switches is to activate relays on door entry systems. However, as long as the criteria for maximum current, voltage and if necessary protection are met, the switches can be used for other applications.

The switches can be switched closed, open or pulsed (closed for 5 seconds and then open). This can be done in a number of ways:

Using IP Office short codes.

Through the Door Release option in IP Office SoftConsole.

Via the Open Door action in Voicemail Pro.


Default Short Codes
The following are the default short codes in the IP Office configuration for external output switch operation. They use the short code features Relay On (closed), Relay Off (open) and Relay Pulse.


Switch 1

Switch 2











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