This section covers a range of maintenance processes.


Adding the System Certificate to a Browser

Changing a System from IP Office Basic Edition Mode

Rerunning the Initial Configuration Utility

Automating the Change to Standard Mode

Saving the Configuration File Off-Line

Switching Off a System

Rebooting a System

Changing Components

Defaulting the Configuration

Defaulting Security Settings

Loading a Configuration

Upgrading systems

Swapping Extension Users

Out of Building Telephone Installations

Using the External Output Port


Refreshing the System Files from Manager

Reset Button

AUX Button

RS232 Port Maintenance

Erasing the Core Software

Enabling IP Office Web Manager

Other Processes

The following additional maintenance processes are covered in other sections of this document:

Creating an IP Office SD card

Viewing card contents

Backing up the configuration

Restoring the configuration

Copying to the Optional SD card

Restoring from the Optional SD card

Memory card shutdown/removal

Memory card startup

Installing the administration applications