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IP500 V2/V2A IP Office Essential Edition

These cards can be added to an IP500 base card to provide that card with support for 4 loop-start analog trunks. The newer IP500 Analog Trunk Card V2 version is supported by IP500 V2/V2A systems running IP Office Release 8.1 Feature Pack 1 or higher only.

This card can be fitted to any non-combo IP500 base card except the IP500 4-Port Expansion card and Unified Communications Module.

ip500 atm4 card 3d

4 Loop-start analog trunk ports. Connections via the host IP500 base card.

DTMF, ICLID and busy tone detection.

Over-voltage/lightning protection (may still require additional protection equipment).

DTMF and LD (loop disconnect) dialing.

Echo cancellation.

Echo Cancellation
The card supported echo cancellation that varies depending on the card type.

V1: Echo cancellation manually selectable to either 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 milliseconds or Off. The default is 16 milliseconds.

V2: Echo cancellation manually selectable to either On or Off. The default is On. The IP500 Analog Trunk Card V2 also supports echo reduction which is set to On by default.

Service Status/Line Status Indication

V1: Detection of individual line status for idle lines is not supported. Therefore, the card LEDs and System Status Application simply indicate that the card is installed and when any line is in use.

V2: Automatic detection of line status for idle lines is supported. The card LEDs and System Status Application indicate that the individual line is connected and idle or is in use.

Impedance Matching

V1: For this card only manual impedance matching is useable and only in selected locales.

V2: This card supports automatic impedance matching at system startup and this mode is enabled by default. Manual or no impedance matching can be used if required. Impedance matching is supported in all locales.

Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
Support for ATM4U-V2 cards on IP Office Release 9.1 and higher only. When enabled, allows the support on analog trunks of functions that require call progress indication, for example the use of mobile twinning. This function does not enable support for mobile call control. The function is not enabled by default.  

Power Failure Port
Regardless of the IP500 card hosting it, during power failure pins 4 and 5 of port 12 are connected to pins 7 and 8. In addition, when fitted to an IP500 Analog Phone 8 base card, during power failure extension port 8 is connected to the analog trunk port 12.

License: No license required.

Maximum per Control Unit: 4.

Minimum Software Level:
This depends on the version of the card as follow:

V1: 4.0+.
New build PCS10 and higher cards are only supported in systems running IP Office Release 6.1(20), 7.0(12) or 8.0 and higher. Refer to IP Office Technical Tip 237.

V2: 8.1 Feature Pack 1+



port leds 9-12

Daughter Card Ports (9-12)
The LEDs for ports 9 to 12 of the IP500 base card are used as follows:

Green on = V1: Card installed. V2: Line connected to the port but idle.

Green flashing = Line in use.

LED 9 is also used for daughter card status.

Red On = Error

Red Slow Flash = Initializing.

Red Flash every 5 seconds = Card okay.

Red Fast Flash = System shutdown.




SAP Code

IPO 500 Trnk Anlg 4 Uni

IP Office 500 Trunk Card Analog 4 Universal


IPO IP500 Trunk Card Anlg 4 V2

IP Office 500 Trunk Card Analog 4 Universal V2



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