These license are used to set what range of features the IP Office system supports.

Essential Edition :
The system requires this license to run in IP Office Essential Edition mode. Until entered, the system shows unlicensed on phone displays.

This license is also a pre-requisite to the Preferred Edition license.

This license enables embedded voicemail with up to 2 simultaneous connections and 15 hours of storage.

Essential Edition Additional Voicemail Ports :  
This license enables two additional embedded voicemail connections and an additional 5 hours of storage. Multiple licenses can be added for a maximum of up to 6 connections and 25 hours storage.


Preferred Edition (Voicemail Pro) :
This license enables support for Voicemail Pro as the IP Office's voicemail server with 4 voicemail ports.  The Preferred Edition license allows the voicemail server to provide the services listed below. For IP Office Release 8.0 and higher, an Essential Edition license is a pre-requisite for this license on IP500 V2A systems.

Mailboxes for all users and hunt groups.

Announcements for users and hunt groups.

Customizable call flows.

Call recording to mailboxes.


TTS email reading for users licensed to Mobile Worker or Power User profiles. Also requires TTS licenses.

Use of Conference Meet Me functions.

Database access

1.A Preferred Edition system license is a pre-requisite for any user profile license other than Basic User.

In a Small Community Network, the Preferred Edition license of the central system is automatically shared with other systems in the network, enabling user profile licenses on those other systems. However, each system supporting a Voicemail Pro server, for example for distributed voicemail, still requires its own Preferred Edition license.

Branch System
This license enables support for enterprise branch features. These relate to an IP Office system being used as a branch site switch in an Avaya Aura network. Additional SM Trunk licenses are required for the SM lines configured between the branch and the Avaya Aura.