This dashboard menu is only available on systems where the locale has been set to United States or Canada.

By default the configuration contains one Automatic Route Selection (ARS) entry call Main. All user dialing of external numbers is directed to that ARS entry to determine which lines should carry the outgoing calls (with all lines by default being in line group 0 and that line group used for all calls).

The dashboard wizard adds 3 additional ARS entries, called Local, National and International respectively.


Directory Overrides Barring
If enabled, dialing (including speed dials and selection from a directory list) overrides outgoing call barring applied to the user when the number dialed matches a number in the system directory.

Select line for outbound calls
When click the drop-down lists the available outgoing line group IDs created during line configuration. The line group ID selected is applied to all the short codes in the new default ARS entries (Local, National and International) in the configuration.

Assign Users to Outbound Route
By default each users outgoing calls are routed via the ARS entry Main (this is done by the system short code 9N). This list allows you to select for each users whether their calls should be routed using one of the other default ARS entries (Local, National or International). When a selection is made, a 9N short code with the appropriate ARS destination is added to the user's settings.