The Avaya IP500 Office modules are intended to be installed by 'Service Personnel' and it is the responsibility of the Service Personnel to ensure that all subsidiary interconnected equipment is wired correctly and also meet the safety requirements of IEC60950 or UL60950 where applicable.

The CE mark affixed to this equipment means that the module complies with the 89/336/EEC (EMC) and 72/23EEC (LVD) Directives.

The Declarations of Conformity (DoC) for the IP500 products are available on the IP Office Application DVD.

icon_warning This warning symbol is found on the base of IP500 modules.

Refer to Trunk Interface Modules for information concerning which Trunk Interface module variants are fitted in which country.


In Finland, Norway and Sweden a protective earthing conductor must be attached to the protective earth point on the rear of the IP500 V2A control unit. See Grounding for more information. In addition, the Server must be located in a restricted access location where equipotential bonding has been applied, for example, in a telecommunication center.

If you notice a malfunction or smoke, immediately disconnect the device from the power supply and contact the service center. Do not attempt to repair the device yourself, any repair should only be carried out by qualified technical personnel.

If you have any concern on the safety functioning of this product, please contact your system installer or Avaya Support at