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Enabling SNMP and Polling Support

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In order for the IP Office control unit to be discovered and polled by an SNMP manager, its SNMP agent must be enabled and placed in the same read community as the SNMP manager.

1.In IP Office Manager, receive the control unit's configuration.

2.Double-click System from the Configuration Tree panel and select the SNMP tab.

3.Tick SNMP Enabled.

4.In SNMP Port, enter the UDP port number used by the IP Office SNMP agent to listen for and respond to SNMP traffic. The normal default is 161.

5.In Community (Read-only), enter the community to which the device belongs for read access. This community name must match that used by the SNMP manager application when sending requests to the device. The community public is frequently used to establish communication and then changed (at both the SNMP agent and manager ends) for security.

6.Click OK.

7.Send the configuration back to the IP Office and select reboot.

8.Following the IP Office reboot, the SNMP manager should be able to discover the control unit.

9.The control unit's response will include details of the control unit type and the current level of core software.


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