IP Office control units and modules are designed to be installed either in a free-standing stack or into a 19" rack system. Rack installation requires a rack mounting kit for each control unit and expansion module.

Cable Clearance
Clearance must be provided at the front and rear for cable access. On control units, allow a minimum clearance of 90mm (3.5 inches). On external expansion modules allow 75mm (3 inches).

Additional Clearance
Care should be taken to ensure that the positioning of the modules does not interrupt air flow and other factors that may affect environmental requirements.  This is especially important for control units as these  have ventilation slots on both sides and the rear.

Cable Access
Power cords must not be attached to the building surface or run through walls, ceilings, floors and similar openings. Installation measures must be taken to prevent physical damage to the power supply cord, including proper routing of the power supply cord and provision of a socket outlet near the fixed equipment or positioning of the equipment near a socket outlet.