This tool provides a wide range of information about the current status of an IP Office 4.0 or higher system. Its includes available resources and components within the system. This includes details of current call in progress. Details of the number of alarms are recorded and the time date of the most recent alarms.

When required for diagnostics escalation SSA is able to take a snap shot image of the IP Office system's status including a copy of its current configuration. Use of SSA requires an IP Office service user name and password that has been configured for System Status access in the IP Office's security settings.

For IP500 V2A systems, System Status Application is pre-installed on the system's Avaya SD memory card and can be run by browsing to the system's IP address.



IP Office Release User/Admin DVD (700513659)  (Disk 1)


No license required.

PC Requirements

For detailed PC requirements, refer to the appropriate IP Office installation or implementation manual for the application. For general operating system and browser support notes, refer to Operating System Summary.