IP Office TAPI is a client PC application that allows TAPI compliant applications to interact with the IP Office. The IP Office TAPI software can be used in one of two modes. The same software is installed in either case.

1st Party TAPI
In this mode the TAPI software supports control of an individual user's associated extension, allowing a TAPI compliant application to answer (requires a phone that supports handsfree answer) and make calls.

3rd Party TAPI
In this mode, TAPI software on a server can be used to control call functions on multiple user extensions. This mode is used with CTI Developer applications.



IP Office Release User/Admin DVD (700513659)  (Disk 1)


Licenses are required for 3rd party TAPI mode operation. See CTI Licenses.

PC Requirements

For detailed PC requirements, refer to the appropriate IP Office installation or implementation manual for the application. For general operating system and browser support notes, refer to Operating System Summary.