The IP Office supports a range of applications for the recording and playing of voicemail messages.

Embedded Voicemail
Embedded voicemail supports basic voicemail mailbox operation, simple auto-attendants and announcements. Embedded Voicemail uses the Avaya SD card fitted to the system for storage of greetings, messages, announcements, etc.

Voicemail Pro
This voicemail service runs on a IP Office Application Server server PC connected to the IP Office. It support additional features such as call recordings and text-to-speech (TTS) and can be customized to provide special services. It requires various licenses entered into the IP Office configuration to control the features it offers and the number of simultaneous connections.

Media Manager
Voicemail Pro can be used for manual and automatic call recording. Those recording are placed into mailboxes. Media Manager allows those recordings to be redirected to a separate store where details of each recording are maintained in a searchable database. This allows recordings to be archived, searched and played back separately from mailbox messages. This application requires entry of a additional licenses into the IP Office configuration. This application requires an IP Office Application Server including additional hard disk for storage of recordings.