The first step in deploying an MSI is to create a distribution point on the publishing server.

To create a distribution point:

1.Log on to the server as an Administrator.

2.Create a shared network folder to contain the MSI package.

3.Set the permissions on this folder allow remote access to the distribution package

4.In the shared folder, perform an administrative install of the desktop client executable. The command line for an administrative installation is AvayaOneXDesktopClients.exe /a

5.Download the open source ORCA tool from: This creates an MSI package.

6.After downloading and installing ORCA, right-click on the MSI file and select Edit with Orca.

7.From the left-hand Table item select Property Table.

8.From the list of tables select Property. Scroll to the bottom of the table, right-click and select Add Row.

9.Add the following Properties with corresponding values to specify one-X Portal server address, port and secure communication mode.
gpo01_zoom70 gpo02_zoom70

ONEX_PORTAL_SERVER = <Server IP address or fully qualified domain name>

PORT_NUMBER = <Server port number>

SECUREMODE = <1 for enabled or 0 for disabled>

10.After adding all the properties, save the MSI file and close the ORCA tool.