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one-X Portal for IP Office Admin

Third party gadgets can be added to the one-X Portal for IP Office using an XML file. You can upload a maximum of 50 gadgets at a time. The file size must not exceed 2MB.

For each gadget, the following parameters need to be specified:

URL of the gadget, that is, the source of gadget and its content

Name of the gadget displayed on the gadget title bar

Toolbar icons for the gadget. It is recommended to provide toolbar icons for all gadgets specified in gadgets.xml.

Gadget toolbar texts (the tool tip text and the text that appears below the toolbar icon).

An example of a gadgets XML file format:

<defaultToolbarIcon />
<downToolbarIcon />
<deleted />
<localizedName><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><names><en_US>Angry Birds</en_US><en_GB>Angry Birds</en_GB></names></localizedName>
<name>Angry Birds</name>
<toolbarText><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><names><en_US>Angry Birds</en_US><en_GB>Angry Birds</en_GB></names></toolbarText>
<tooltip><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><names><en_US>Angry Birds</en_US><en_GB>Angry Birds</en_GB></names></tooltip>


Note: Ensure the following in the .xml file:

1. Place each of the gadget within the <entry></entry> element.

2.The element <key></key> should be unique and it should match with <id></id>. This is a unique gadget id used for internal purpose.

3.The element <value></value> should contain gadget information.

4.The element <categorys></categorys> indicates the category of the gadget. The IDs and codes for the categories are as follows:

















5.Details of other elements:




The date you created the file.


Specify the default toolbar icon that the system displays when you minimize the gadget is minimized. The system displays the icon in the toolbar of the user.


Specify the toolbar that system displays when the user clicks the gadgets icon.


Specify the value to true if you want the user to view the gadget.


Set the value as  true for all external gadgets.


Set the height of the gadget in pixel.


ID of the gadget.


Specify the localized name for each locale.


Specify a unique name for the gadget.


The text that the system displays in the gadget toolbar.


The text that the system displays in the gadget tool tip.


The URL of the gadget. For more information see, Fetching the URL of an external gadget - Example

Note: Appropriate error messages are displayed if the configuration file does not support any of the aforementioned criteria.

To import a gadgets file:

1. Click Gadget Configuration, in the left navigation pane.

2. Click Import external gadgets.

3. Click Choose File to browse for the configuration file.

4. Click Upload. The system uploads the XML file on the one-X Portal for IP Office.

5. Click Import to add the third party gadget to the Gadgets List.

6.The next time the user logs into the one-X Portal for IP Office, the third party gadget is available to user to add to their portal.



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