The one-X Portal for IP Office service can be stopped and restarted in a number of ways.

Do not restart the one-X Portal for IP Office service whilst any Voicemail Pro client is connected to the voicemail server. Doing so will cause conference access and scheduling features to not operate correctly as the portal service needs administrator access to the voicemail server during a restart.

From the portal Administrator menus

You can click the icon_restart_portal_service icon at the top of the administrator menus to restart the portal. Note that this icon appears automatically if you make any changes that require a restart.

From the server menus

1.Through the web management menus for the server, select Solution.

2.Click on the icon_platform icon and select Platform View.

3.In the platform view, the status of the one-X Portal service is shown on the System tab. To stop the service, click Stop or Force Stop. To start the service, click Start.