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Phrase XMPP Domain Name

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The XMPP domain name should be a domain name that the DNS can resolve. You can set the XMPP domain name at any point in time. The domain name must be reachable from the internet if you wish to use presence outside of your LAN.

Avaya recommends that you use a split DNS so that the server name outside of your LAN is resolved into the public IP address of the NAT or firewall whilst inside your network it is resolved into the private IP address of the server on the LAN.

If you cannot set a resolvable DNS domain name, you can use the IP address of the one-X Portal for IP Office server for internal only IM/presence. In this case the one-X Portal for IP Office cannot federate with remote servers.

You must use the server's Web Control menus to configure their network settings so that the auto-configuration email link uses the FQDN instead of the IP address of the server. In Web Control, navigate to Settings > System > Host Name to change the network settings. If you change the domain name any other way, the email links might not work properly.

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