This is not a single application, the IP Office Application Server is a single server installation package for the applications listed below. The DVD installs a CentOS Linux operating system, the IP Office applications and a set of web pages for server management. Note that the installation overwrites any existing operating system and data on the server PC.

one-X Portal for IP Office
User and configuration access is via web browser in the same way as for a Windows server installation of one-X Portal for IP Office. This application requires users to have a UC User subscription.

Voicemail Pro
Configuration access is done using a Windows installation of the Voicemail Pro client software. An installation package for the Voicemail Pro client is included on the IP Office Application Server server.

Media Manager
Voicemail Pro can be used for manual and automatic call recording. Those recording are placed into mailboxes. Media Manager allows those recordings to be redirected to a separate store where details of each recording are maintained in a searchable database. This allows recordings to be archived, searched and played back separately from mailbox messages. This application requires an IP Office Application Server including additional hard disk for storage of recordings. This application requires the system to have a Media Manager subscription.



IP Office Application Server Release 12.0 DVD Set (2)


Depends on the applications running on the server.

PC Requirements

Refer to the "Deploying IP Office Server Edition Servers" manual.