In the sections below, the term component can refer to a card fitted into the IP Office or an external expansion module.

! IMPORTANT: You Must Switch Off the Control Unit Before Adding, Removing or Swapping Components
Base cards, trunk cards and external expansions modules must only be removed and added to an IP Office system when that system is switched off. Failure to do so will result in the new component not loading the correct firmware and not operating or not operating correctly. This applies even when swapping like for like components.

Note that for existing extension ports, by default both an extension entry and a user entry will exist in the IP Office configuration. Extension entries can be deleted without deleting the corresponding user entry. This allows retention of the user settings and association of the user with a different extension by changing that extensions Base Extension number to match the user's Extension ID.


oLike for Like Replacement

oHigher Capacity Replacement

oLower Capacity Replacement

oAdding a New Component

oPermanent Removal

oReplacement with a Different Type