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IP Office Subscription Services/Customer Operations Manager

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IP Office Subscription Services are a set of cloud-based services provided by Avaya to support IP Office subscription systems. A separate set of these services is provided for each geographic region to support business partners and their customer systems in that region.

The key service is Customer Operations Manager (COM):

COM provides subscriptions to the IP Office systems.

COM displays the status of the customer systems and information about current alarms, type of system, software level, etc.

Avaya have access to COM for their support staff in order to manage the COM services and to assists business partners when required.

Each business partner has an account that allows them to access COM but only see their own customer systems. They can create additional COM user accounts and control which of their customer systems those accounts can see.

Customization Files
For subscription systems, COM can provide the files used to customize various features such as phone background and screen saver images.  

Vantage/Workplace Files
For subscription systems, COM can act as the file server for firmware files used by Vantage phones. It also acts as the download source for Avaya Workplace Client software files.


Additional Support Features

A number of additional support services can be enabled through settings in the IP Office system configuration (COM Service Settings). For full documentation of COM, refer to the Using Customer Operations Manager for IP Office Subscription Systems manual.  

Remote Backup/Restore
Subscription systems can automatically upload daily backups to the cloud. In addition, COM operators can perform both manual backups and restores operation

Remote Upgrade
COM operators can perform immediate or schedules system upgrades.

Log File Collection
Subscriptions systems can automatically upload all available log files to the cloud. In addition, COM operators can request any additional log files that

Centralized Management
Administrator connections for IP Office Web Manager, System Monitor and System Status Application can be routed through COM to the customer IP Office systems. The connects use the TLS tunnel used for subscription.

Remote Access
Connections for HTTPS and SSH/SFTP connection can also be routed through COM to the customer IP Office systems. The connects use the TLS tunnel used for subscription.

Co-located Servers
When remote access is enabled, access to other servers and services on the same network as the customer IP Office system can be enabled. That includes access to non-IP Office servers and services subject to their own authentication.






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