IP Office Subscription systems can use a number of additional settings in addition to those of their subscription license server. These settings relate mainly to the additional services that can be provided Customer Operations Manager.

Note that these settings, other than User Group, are normally automatically configured to the required values during the initial subscription of the system.




System Settings | System


Use the file store provided by Customer Operations Manager for the provisioning of Vantage firmware. Note that this setting requires the HTTP Server IP Address to be set to

System Settings | System | Remote Operation

Remote Access

If enabled, allows remote access to the IP Office using HTTPS, SSH and SFTP.

Co-located Servers

If Remote Access is enabled, enabling this option allow access to other servers on the same network using HTTPS, SSH, SFTP and RDP.

Remote Upgrade/Backup

If enabled, allows upgrading of the IP Office from Customer Operations Manager. Also enables automatic daily backups, manual backups and backup restoration actions.

Centralized Management

If enabled, allows remote access to the IP Office servers using System Monitor, System Status Application and IP Office Web Manager.

Centralized Diagnostic Logs

If enabled, the system automatically uploads log files to Customer Operations Manager daily.

Applications | Voicemail Pro - System Preferences

User Group

Use with the automatic backup to Customer Operations Manager. Sets which voicemail mailboxes should be included in the automatic backup.