Connect to COM for monitoring and support uses the password of the COMAdmin account in the IP Office system's security settings. By default this account has no password and is disabled.

To enable the system's COM connection:

1.Connect to the system's security settings:

If using IP Office Manager:

a.Select File | Advanced | Security Settings.

b.Select the system and log in.  

If using IP Office Web Manager:

a.Enter the address of the system in a web browser and select IP Office Web Manager.


c.Select Security | Security Settings.

2.Click on Service Users and select the user COMAdmin.

3.For the Password, click icon_pencil or Change and enter a new password. Note the password details as this password needs to be entered into the COM services details for the customer.

4.Change the Account Status to Enabled.

5.Under Rights Groups check that the user is set as a member of the COM Admin group.

6.Save the settings.