In IP Office Manager, receive the control unit's configuration.

1.Double-click System from the configuration tree panel and select the System Events tab.

2.Ensure that SNMP Enabled is ticked and set the other settings required for the SNMP Agent Configuration section.

3.Click the Alarms tab.

4.Click Add... and select Trap as the type of new alarm. You can add up to 2 SNMP traps, each with different destination and alarm settings.

Server Address
Enter the IP address or fully-qualified domain name of the PC running the SNMP manager application.

Enter the Port on which the traps messages should be sent. This is the UDP port on which the IP Office sends SNMP trap messages. The default is 162.

Set the Community that will be used by the agent and the SNMP manager. The community public is frequently used to establish communication and then changed (at both the SNMP agent and manager ends) for security.

The default to use is IP Office. SMGR is only used for system being managed through Avaya SMGR.

Minimum Severity Level
Set the alarm severity or higher for alarms that should be sent.

5.Select the Events which should be sent.

6.Click on OK.

7.Send the configuration back to the IP Office and select reboot.