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When you have a conference call in progress, the conference call tab displays a range of controls. Some depend on whether you are the conference host or just a normal conference member.

Conference Buttons

The buttons on the conference tab can be used as follows:





Drop Call

For a currently connected call, pressing callDrop disconnects the call.


Record Call

Start recording the conference. All the members of the conference may hear a recording warning and, if so, that warning repeats any time any other party joins the conference.


Stop Recording

Stop recording the conference.


Hold Call

Puts the call on hold.


Retrieve Held Call

Take a call back from hold.



Mute your connection to the conference.



Unmute your connection to the conference.

Additional Conference Host Buttons

If you are the conference host, the following additional controls are also available in the top-right of the call details.





Mute All

This control allows you to mute all the other conference parties.


Unmute All

This control allows you to unmute all the other conference parties.


Drop All

This controls drops all the other participants from the conference call.


Lock Conference

This control can lock/unlock the conference. While locked, no other parties can join or rejoin the conference. This control is only available for meet me conferences.

Using the Conference Party Icons

If you are the conference host, by clicking on the icons of an individual party in the conference, you can perform actions on that party.

When you hover the cursor over a participant in the conference, the system displays a list of actions that you can perform.

conference options initiator

To drop the participant from the conference, click callDrop Drop. The userDrop indicates that the participants are no longer in the conference.

To place the participant in the conference on mute, click userMuteMute. The userMuteindicates that the participant is placed on mute.

To place a participant in the conference on unmute, click callUnmute Unmute.



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