You can use one-X Portal to start and manage conference calls. The conference parties are listed in the callsHead Calls gadget.

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1.The maximum number of conferences and participants in any particular conference depends on the total resources of the telephone system and the number of conferences already in progress. It  also is limited by other features, for example call recording also uses the telephone system's conference facilities.

2.Depending on phone system settings, a conference can automatically end if all internal users exit, leaving only external users.

3.If you are involved in more than one conference, each conference has a separate tab. The conference with the most recent status change is automatically brought to the front.

Start and Manage Conference Calls

Set up a conference

Turn held calls into a conference call

Drop a participant in a conference

Park a conference call

Add another party to a conference

Hold a conference call

Join a Personal Meet Me conference

Configure your conference audio pin

Recognize the Conference speaker

Mute conference parties

Lock a Meet Me conference

Use Conference call controls

Schedule Conference Calls

View my conference calendar

Schedule a new conference

Edit conference details

Viewing your conferences

Delete a scheduled conference

Sorting the conferences

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Extending your conference

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