You can use the following default keyboard short cuts within one-X Portal. You can also change them if required.

Answer a Call: Ctrl+Alt+A

Make a Call: Ctrl+Alt+C

Hold the Current Call: Ctrl+Alt+H

Drop the Current Call: Ctrl+Alt+D

To change your keyboard shortcuts:

Your web browser's own keyboard shortcuts take priority over those useable with one-X Portal. For example, attempting to enter Ctrl+Q will probably cause your web browser to close. Consult your web browser help for details of the keyboard shortcuts that it uses.

1. In the Configure tab select Telephony.

2. In the Keyboard Shortcuts section, click the shortcut that you want to change.

3. Press the key or key combination that you want to use as your shortcut. If the key or key combination is available to be used, the key string will be added.

4. Click Save.