You can pre-set your home and mobile phone numbers for use in commands. They can then be accessed using the values home or cell in commands.

For example, when you are at home, type at home in the mybuddy window. The system responds with the message "The call, conference, listen and pickup commands will call you at home". When you then make a call using mybuddy, for example call 555123456, the system initially calls to your set home number and on answer then starts a call to the specified call number.

To store your home and mobile phone numbers:

1. Click the Configure tab and select Telephony.

2. In the Personal Numbers section, enter the number in the home and mobile phone number fields. By default, both the fields are blank.

If you need to add a dialling prefix when making external calls from your telephone system, you should include that prefix in the numbers you set.

3. Click Save.