one-X Portal 11.1 FP2 enables you to add and use the external gadgets without launching an independent application for each gadget.

Some of the gadgets that might come in handy when you are using one-X Portal are: Project management, Calendar, Currency converter, Google translate, news, Google maps, and others. The system displays only those gadgets that the administrator of one-X Portal has enabled for the user.

Note: After you add an external gadget, the system displays the gadget even if you log out and then later log in.

You can add an external gadget to Main tab and custom tabs only. You cannot add an external gadget to the Configure tab.

To add an external gadget:

1. Click the tab where you would like to add the external gadgets.

2. Click gadgets Gadgets, in the toolbar. one-X Portal displays a list of categories such as ALL, COMMUNICATION, FINANCE, PRODUCTIVITY, TECHNOLOGY, and others.

3. Select a category.

4. Enable the gadget that you want to add. The system displays the gadget in the panel that has least number of gadgets.

To remove an external gadget:

You can remove only the external gadgets from one-X Portal. You cannot remove the default gadgets from the one-X Portal Main tab.

Click Close in the title bar of the external gadget.

Click Yes to confirm that you would like to delete the gadget from one-X Portal.