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IP500 V2/V2A ATM V2 Combination Card

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These cards are used to add a combination of ports to an IP500 V2/V2A control unit.

combo card atm


10 voice compression channels. Codec support is G.711, G729a and G.723 with 64ms echo cancellation. G.722 is supported by IP Office Release 8.0 and higher.

6 Digital Station ports for supported Avaya DS digital telephones (except 3800 Series).

2 Analog Extension ports.

4 Analog Trunk ports:
The analog trunk daughter card is equivalent to an IP500 Analog Trunk Card V2.

During power failure, phone port 8 is connected to analog trunk port 12.

Maximum per Control Unit: 2 combination cards of any type per IP500 V2/V2A control unit.

IP500 Trunk Card Support: tick 1.

IP500 Combination cards are pre-fitted with a trunk daughter card which cannot be removed or changed for another type/capacity trunk daughter card.

IP Office Modes: Supported in all modes.

Minimum Software Level: 8.1 Feature Pack 1+.

Port Type



Digit Station

1 to 6

Provides DS ports for supported Avaya DS digital telephones.


Green Flashing = Phone detected.

Green On = Phone active.

LED1 is also used for base card status:

Red On = Error/Not supported.

Red Slow Flash = Initializing.

Red Flash every 5 seconds = Card okay.

Red Fast Flash = System shutdown.

Analog Phone

7 to 8

Supports ICLID modes DTMFA, DTMFC, DTMFD, FSK and UK20.

REN 2 (1 for external bell device).

Off-Hook current: 25mA

Ring Voltage: 40V.

Intended for connection to two-wire analog phones, the ports do not include a ringing capacitor. For connection to 4-wire analog phones, connection should be via a master socket with ringing capacitors.

During power failure, extension port 8 is connected to the analog trunk port 12.

No status LEDs are used for analog phone extensions.

Analog Trunk

9 to 12

DTMF, ICLID and busy tone detection.

Over-voltage/lightning protection (may still require additional protection equipment).

DTMF and LD (loop disconnect) dialing.

Echo cancellation.


Green on = Line connected to the port but idle.

Green flashing = Line in use.

LED 9 is also used for daughter card status.

Red On = Error

Red Slow Flash = Initializing.

Red Flash every 5 seconds = Card okay.

Red Fast Flash = System shutdown.



SAP Code






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