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IP Office 500 V2/V2A IP Office Basic Edition

The following port types are found on the IP Office control unit and external expansion modules:

Used for the connection of external analog trunks.

Used for input of an external music on hold source.

Used for connection of BRI trunks (Quad BRI trunk card).

BST (RJ21) and BST (RJ45)
Connections for M-Series and T-Series phones supported by IP Office. Also for Digital Mobility Solution system supporting 4100 Series and 7400 Series phones. See supported Avaya BST digital phones.

Power input from external power supply unit.

Connection of Avaya digital station phones supported by IP Office.

Used for control unit maintenance under Avaya guidance. On expansion modules not used.

Emergency power failure ports found on the ETR6 base card.

Only supported on IP Office 500 V2/V2A control unit running in IP Office Basic Edition - PARTNER Mode or IP Office Basic Editions.

Used for interconnection of external expansions modules and control units.

Used to control external relay systems. The port provides two switchable (on, off and pulse) controls.

ground symbol
Used for connection of functional or protective ground if required.

10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN ports.

Analog power fails ports.

Analog phone extension ports. On older units these ports are labeled as POT ports.

PRI trunk ports.



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