In addition to using the traditional IP Office Upgrade Wizard, IP500 V2A control units can be upgraded by loading the required set of firmware files onto the System SD card and rebooting the system.

! IP Office Technical Bulletins
You must obtain and read the IP Office Technical Bulletin relating to the IP Office software release which intend to install. The bulletin contains important information that may not have been included in this manual. IP Office Technical Bulletins are available from the Avaya support website (

The processes below require the IP Office system to reboot in order to apply any changes made. The reboot ends all current calls and services.

There are a number of ways in which this can be done.




Software Files

Embedded Voicemail Prompts

System SD Card Upgrade

In this method, the System SD card is shut down and removed from the control unit. The card's contents are upgraded using IP Office Manager.


Upgrade from Optional SD Card

This method uses an SD card loaded with the required version of IP Office software. The card is inserted into the control unit's  Option SD card slot and its contents copied to the System SD card.