The Upgrade Wizard is part of IP Office Manager. It can be used to upgrade multiple system's at the same time.

! WARNING: You must read and understand all upgrade pre-requisites before upgrading any system.

To upgrade systems using the upgrade wizard

1.Ensure that you have a backup copy of the IP Office's configuration before performing this action. If a copy of the configuration cannot be downloaded using IP Office Manager, check the IP Office Manager application directory for previously downloaded configurations.

a.Use IP Office Manager to download an up to date copy of the configuration. If that is not possible, check in the IP Office Manager application folder for a previous copy of the configuration.

b.Using IP Office Manager, select File | Open Configuration.

c.Using the Select IP Office Menu, locate and select the IP Office system. Click OK.

d.Enter the name and password for a service user account on that IP Office. Click OK. IP Office Manager will receive and display the configuration from the IP Office.

If not already done, this action creates a BOOTP entry in IP Office Manager for the IP Office system.

This action also confirms communication between the IP Office Manager PC and the IP Office prior to any following process.

e.Select File | Save Configuration As... and save a copy of the configuration file onto the PC.

2.Select File | Advanced | Upgrade. The UpgradeWiz is started and scans for IP Office modules using the Unit/Broadcast address. Adjust this address and click Refresh if the expected control units are not shown. The current version of each IP Office BIN file held in the control units memory is shown. That is regardless of whether that .bin file is currently being used by any module in the system.

3.The Version column indicates the current version of software installed. The Available column indicates the version of software IP Office Manager has available. If the available version is higher, the check box next to that row is automatically selected.

If any of the modules have pre-version 2.1 software installed, an upgrade with Validate unticked is required. If this is the case, only continue with the upgrade process using a PC with a fixed IP address on the same LAN domain and physical LAN segment as the IP Office control unit and only upgrade the pre-2.1 system.

If a multi-stage upgrade is necessary, use the following additional steps to select the appropriate interim software:

Right-click on the upgrade wizard and click Select Directory. Locate and select the directory containing the bin file for the intermediate software level.

The upgrade wizard should now list just the control unit as having upgrade software available.

Upgrading to particular levels of IP Office 10.0 or higher software requires the appropriate Essential Edition license for the release. The Licensed and Required License columns indicate the current license entitlement and the required license entitlement for the software the system is currently running.

4.For those modules which you want to upgrade, tick the check box.

5.The following additional options are available:

Backup System Files
If selected, before upgrading to the new software, the current files in the System SD cards /primary folder are be copied to its /backup folder. If there is insufficient space on the SD card for this action, IP Office Manager displays an "Insufficient space available on SD Card" warning.

Upload System Files
If selected, the full set of software files that IP Office Manager has is copied to the /primary folder on the System SD card. In addition to control unit and module software this includes phone software files and the files used for IP Office Web Manager. The firmware files for Avaya IP phones are uploaded first and when this is completed, if Restart IP Phones below is also selected, the Avaya IP phones are rebooted. The system then continues to upload any other files. If there is insufficient space on the SD card for this action, IP Office Manager displays an "Insufficient space available on SD Card" warning.

Restart IP Phones
This option is available if Upload System Files above is also selected. If selected, once the system has rebooted and uploaded the phone firmware files, it reboots the IP phones. This causes them to reload the settings files and to recheck whether the firmware they currently have loaded matches that now available from their configured file server (by default the IP Office system). When selected, after the system reboot, the phones display "Upgrading from system" until restarted by the system once it has uploaded the phone firmware files.  

6.Select Upgrade. The system password for each system will be requested. Enter it and click OK. The next steps depend on the upgrade options selected. Do not cancel or close the upgrade wizard while these processes are running.

Insufficient space available on SD card
This message appears if the System SD card has insufficient space. To proceed with a reliable upgrade the SD card should upgraded locally.

Validated Upgrade
If using the Validated option, a number of actions take place as follows;

a.The upgrade wizard checks the amount of free RAM memory available in the control unit to temporarily store the new BIN files. If insufficient memory is available, you will be prompted whether to continue with an off-line upgrade or cancel upgrading.

If offline is selected, the IP Office is rebooted into offline mode. It may be necessary to use the Refresh option within the Upgrade Wizard to reconnect following the reboot. Validate upgrade can then be attempted to again check the amount of available RAM memory for transfer of BIN files. If the memory is still insufficient, the option is offered to either do an unvalidated upgrade or cancel.

b.The bin files required are transferred to the system and stored in temporary memory.

c.The backup system files and upload system files actions are performed if they were selected.

d.Once all file transfers are completed, the upgrade wizard will prompt whether it okay to proceed with the upgrade process. Select Yes to continue. The control unit reboots and upgrades itself first. It then proceeds with upgrading the external expansion modules.

Unvalidated Upgrade
This method of upgrading should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. It is only required for IP Office systems with pre-2.1 software and should only be done from a IP Office Manager PC with a fixed IP address running on the same LAN segment and subnet as the IP Office system. During the upgrade, the units and modules erases their current software and then request the new software file from IP Office Manager.

7.Following the upgrade, check that the upgrade wizard now shows that the selected units and modules have upgraded. It may be necessary to select Refresh to update the information in the upgrade wizard display.

8.Repeat the process as required.