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IP Office Basic Edition - Phone Based Admin

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Ring Settings

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You can program extensions to ring in different ways.

Abbreviated Ringing
When you are on a call any incoming call rings only once.

Call Coverage Rings
You can define the number of times that calls on a line assigned to your extension ring before they are sent to the covering extension.

Distinctive Ringing
Use different ringing patterns for different call types.

Line Ringing
Set what ringing should be used by a line appearance on an extension. The options are immediate ring, delayed ring or no ring.

Personalized Station Ringing
Use this feature to assign a personalized ring pattern to an extension.

Line Ringing Pattern
The ring pattern used for calls being presented via a particular line can be specified.

Override Line Ringing
Individual users can be configured to override Line Ringing Pattern settings.

Ring on Transfer
Used to specify if callers hear ringing as they are being transferred.

Transfer Return Rings
Define how long transferred calls should ring before returning to the transferring extension.


Other Options

VMS Coverage Rings
Set the number of rings before a call at an extension goes to voicemail.

Hold Recall Time
Set how long calls remain on hold before recalling to the extension that put the call on hold.



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