This option is not shown for off-line configuration or configurations loaded from a PC file. Selecting this option displays a list of the Embedded Voicemail prompt languages. Those languages already present on the System SD card or not supported are greyed out. Additional languages can be selected and then uploaded from IP Office Manager to the system.

When editing the system configuration in IP Office Manager, if the locale language selected for the system, a user, a short code or an incoming call route is not already present on the System SD card, IP Office Manager will display an error. Add/Display VM locales can then be used to upload the prompts for the required language in order to correct the error.

You can reload languages that are already installed on the System SD card. For example, you may want to reload the languages if new prompts have been added in a maintenance release. To reload existing languages, upgrade the system (File | Advanced | Upgrade) with the Upload System Files option checked. You can also choose Upload System Files from the Embedded File Management utility (File | Advanced | Embedded File Management).

The Recreate IP Office SD Card command can be used to locally load all available languages onto an SD card.