This command starts the Upgrade Wizard tool. This tool is used to compare the software level of the control unit and expansion modules within IP Office systems against the software level of the .bin binary files Manager has available. The Upgrade Wizard can then be used to select which units to upgrade.

excalamation_small WARNING
Incorrect use of the upgrade command can halt IP Office operation and render units in the system unusable. You must refer to the IP Office Technical Bulletins for a specific release for full details of performing software upgrades to that release.  For example:

When upgrading a system from a pre-8.0 release, the systems security settings should first be defaulted. This allows the security settings to then be altered during the upgrade to support IP Office Web Manager.

Performing any other actions on a system during an upgrade or closing the upgrade wizard and Manager during an upgrade may render systems unusable.

During an upgrade the IP Office system may restrict calls and services. It will reboot and disconnect all current calls and services.

The list area shows details of IP Office systems found by the Upgrade Wizard and the software currently held by that system. The Version column details the current software each unit in the systems is running whilst the Available column shows the version of .bin file Manager has available for that type of unit (a – indicates no file available).

The check boxes are used to select which units should be upgraded. Upgrading will require entry of a valid name and password for the selected IP Office system.

The Validate option should remain selected wherever possible. When selected, the upgrade process is divided as follows: transfer new software, confirm transfer, delete old software, restart with new software. If Validate is not selected, the old software is deleted before the new software is transferred.  

The Backup system files option will cause the IP500 V2 to backup its memory card files as part of the upgrade.

The Upload system files option will upload various files:

It copies the binary files used by the IP Office control unit and external expansion modules.

It copies the firmware files used by phones supported by the system.

For systems configured to running in IP Office Basic Edition, IP Office Basic Edition - PARTNER Mode or IP Office Basic Edition - Norstar Mode mode, the files for IP Office Web Manager are copied.

For systems configured to run Embedded Voicemail, the Embedded Voicemail prompts for those supported languages set as the system locale, user locales, incoming call route locales and short code locales are upgraded. In addition the English language prompts are upgraded as follows: IP Office A-Law/Norstar SD Cards - UK English, IP Office U-Law/PARTNER SD Cards - US English.


Searching for Particular Systems

The default address used by the Upgrade Wizard is the address shown in the Manager title bar, which is selected through File | Preferences. If the unit required is not found, the address used can be changed.

1.Enter or select the required address in the Unit/Broadcast Address field.

2.Click Refresh to perform a new search.


Changing the .bin File Directory Used

The directory in which the Upgrade Wizard looks for .bin files is set through Manager's Binary Directory setting. This can be changed using File | Preferences | Directories. It can also be changed directly from the Upgrade Wizard as follows.

1.Right-click on the list area.

2.Select Select Directory.

3.Browse to and highlight the folder containing the .bin files. Click OK.

4.The list in the Available column will be updated to show the .bin files in the selected directory that match IP Office units or modules listed.