This menu is accessed from the System page by selecting Setup Auxiliary Equipments.

This menu is accessed from the Admin Tasks list by selecting Auxiliary Equipment.

These menus are used to configure the operation of a range of additional features provided by the telephone system.



Door Phone

If a handset has been configured as being a door phone, you can specify which extension is alerted when that door phone is used. Two door phones can be configured into the system.

See Door Phone for further detail.

Contact Closure

The phone system has two ports which can be connected to external relay systems, for example systems used to open doors. You can configure which users are able to activate those ports and the type of activation.

See Contact Closure for further detail.

Music on Hold

The phone system supports an external music on hold source. This is played to callers when they are put on hold. The source of the music is connected to the phone system by the system maintainer.


The phone system can log call details at the end of each call. These SMDR records (Station Message Detail Recording) can be output and sent to a specified IP address where they can be collected and processed by 3rd party call logging software.