This menu cannot be accessed from the System page.

This menu is accessed from the Admin Tasks list by selecting Trunks | Outbound Call Handling | Dial Numbers.

The Dial Numbers Table is used to match dialing prefixes to the group of trunks defined in the ARS Selector table.

outbound dial numbers

Dial Numbers Table

Class of Call
The available classes are Local, National, International, Emergency, Cell and Toll Free. For each you can define the numbers the dialing prefixes that match that call type and the ARS selector groups to which matching calls should be routed.

For each class of call, this field is used to define the dialing prefix (up to 5 digits) expected for the call to match the class. Multiple prefix numbers can be entered, each separated by a comma.

Do not include the Outside Line prefix digit configured in the system settings.

If a match occurs in more than one class the most exact match is used, ie. the one with the most digits. If multiple matches still exist, the match that occurs first in the table is used.

Numbers cannot be set for the Local class. This class is used for any calls that do not match any other class. However the ARS selectors used by this class can be changed.

Outgoing Lines/ARS
This field indicates the ARS selectors currently associated with the Class of Call. These contain the trunks that are used by the Class of Call and are set using the Select Outgoing ARS table.

Select Outgoing ARS
This table is used to associate ARS selectors configured on the ARS Selector table with the currently selected Class of Call in the Dial Numbers Table. Multiple ARS selectors can be selected and the same ARS selector can be associated with more than one Class of Call.