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IP Office Basic Edition - Basic Edition Manager R11.1

> Manager Menu Commands > File Menu > Preferences

File | Preferences | Directories

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This tab is accessed through File | Preferences and then selecting the Directories sub-tab.

These fields set the default location where Manager will look for and save files. This tab is also accessed by the File | Change Working Directory command.  

Working Directory (.cfg files)
Sets the directory into which Manager saves .cfg files. By default this is the Manager application's program directory.

Binary Directory (.bin files)
Sets the directory in which the Manager upgrade wizard, HTTP, TFTP and BOOTP functions look for firmware files requested by phones, expansion module, control units and other hardware components. That includes .bin file, .scr files and .txt files. By default this is the Manager application's program directory.

Note that in the Upgrade Wizard, right-clicking and selecting Change Directory also changes this setting.

Known Units File: Software level = 4.0 Q2 2007 maintenance release+.
Sets the file and directory into which Manager can record details of the IP Office systems it has discovered. Once a file location has been specified, a Known Units button becomes available on the discovery menu used for loading IP Office configuration. Pressing that button displays the known units file as a list from which the required IP Office system can be selected. It also allows sorting of the list and entries to be removed.



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