Callers hearing a user's mailbox greeting can be allowed to dial a key sequence in order to be transferred to another number rather than leave a message. For example, they can be prompted to "Dial 0 to be transferred to the Sales team." This is called mailbox breakout.

For each user, you can configure 3 breakout numbers, triggered by caller's dialing the appropriate digits during the mailbox greeting. Those digits are 0, 2 or 3. The destination numbers for the transfer must be internal.

If you change a user's mailbox breakout settings, remember to inform the user so that they can change their recorded mailbox greeting

Changing a User's Mailbox Breakout Settings

1.Click on User in the menu bar.

2.Scroll the list of users to the required user and click on View Details.

3.Click Advanced.

4.In the DTMF Breakout panel, set the numbers that should be used for each of the mailbox breakout options.

5.Click Save.