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Features Configured

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web features configured

This panel summarizes some key features of the current system configuration.

Daylight Saving
This item indicates whether automatic daylight saving time is enabled. This option is only supported for systems in North American countries.

System Trunks per Phone Line

Physical Extensions Connected
This item lists the number of actual extensions connected. Note that for some extension types, for example analog extensions, the system assumes that an extension is connected if a physical port for connection is installed in the system's control unit.  

Licenses Installed
This item list the number of licenses added to the system configuration.

Trunks per Phone
For system's running in Key mode, a number of trunks are automatically assigned to programmable buttons on each user's extension if possible. This is controlled by the Number of Lines setting on the System menu.

Night Service
This item indicates whether the system is currently in night service or not. In night service, the incoming call routing applied to calls is changed.


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