web hardware installed

This panel shows a summary of the key system hardware. The panel is shown on the Home page. It is also shown on the Alternate Route Selection and System menus.

Control Unit
This is the type of system control unit from which the configuration has been received.

Internal Modules
This item lists the internal cards installed in the control unit. IP500 V2 control unit have 4 card slots. Each can be fitted with a IP500 base card which typically provides connections for up to 8 extensions. In most cases each base card can also be fitted with a trunk card which provides support for physical trunk connections to the base card.

Expansion Modules
This item lists any external expansion modules attached to the control unit. These are used to provide ports for the connection of additional extension and trunks. An IP500 V2 control unit has ports for connecting up to 8 external expansion modules as long as the systems number of supported extensions is not exceeded.

Feature Key
This item shows the feature key number of the feature key dongle installed in the control unit. This number is used to check and validate any licenses added to the system configuration. For IP500 V2 control units, the feature key dongle is the System SD card installed in the back of the control unit. The feature key number is also printed on the card label.

Serial Number
This item is the unique serial number of the control unit.