Using the Transfer to Greeting action from an auto attendant, an emergency greeting can be recorded and then enabled or disabled. When enabled, the emergency greeting is played to callers in advanced of any other auto attendant greeting. The internal number to dial to record the greeting is indicated below the setting. Use of this feature requires the system password to be set.

Emergency Service: Default = Off.
This field indicates when the auto attendants emergency greeting option has been enabled by someone using the auto attendant. The field can also be used to disable the emergency greeting without having to go through the auto attendant menu.

Alarm Extension: Default = 10.
When the auto attendant's Emergency Greeting option is enabled, in addition to callers to the auto attendant hearing the emergency greeting, a warning message is also displayed on the extension indicated by this field. Typically this would be the extension of someone who is able to disable the emergency greeting when it is no longer required.