The delay before voicemail answers any unanswered call alerting the user can be adjusted. The normal default is approximately 15 seconds. Setting a delay does not enable or disable the use of voicemail, that is done using the Automatic VMS Cover setting.

Changing a User's Mailbox Answer Delay

1.Click on User in the menu bar.

2.Scroll the list of users to the required user and click on View Details.

3.Click Advanced.

4.In the Advanced Parameters panel, use the VMS Cover Ring setting to adjust the delay before unanswered calls are answered by voicemail.

VMS Cover Ring: Default = 3 (15 seconds). Range = 0 to 9.
For a user with Automatic VMS Cover enabled, this value sets how long a call alerts the user's extension before it is redirected to voicemail.

The option 0 for immediate voicemail is available. 0 is the only value usable for phantom extensions. If selected it has the following effects.

For a call that would have otherwise have alerted at the extension, the call now goes immediately to voicemail.

If the extension has call forwarding set, the forwarded call will continue ringing at the forwarding target rather than going to voicemail.

If the extension is the target for another extension's call forwarding, the call will go immediately to the forwarding extension's voicemail.

5.Click Save.