The following settings are shown in this panel:

Companding Law
The system is automatically defaulted to A-Law or U-Law by the type of SD Feature Key dongle inserted into the unit. Typically U-Law is used in North American locales, A-Law is used in most other locales. U-Law is also called Mu-Law or µ-Law. For some installations, it may be necessary to change this setting if advised by the external line provider.

ETR6 cards are not supported for systems running in A-Law mode.

Automatic DST: Default = On.
When selected, the telephone system will automatically apply daylight saving time (DST) adjustments to its internal clock. This feature should only be used for systems in a North American locale.

Enable Network Time Synchronization: Default = On.
When selected, the system will use the time included in the ICLID on incoming calls as its system time. Note that this feature uses the first analog trunk on the card installed in slot 1 of the system control unit.