Using Voicemail

Voicemail Email

You can have notification of new messages sent to your email address. The notification can be a simple alert to tell you that you have a message or a copy of the voicemail message if required.

In order to use this feature your system administrator must configure your phone system to use email and enter your email address into the system configuration. If this has not been done your will hear 'Email is not enabled on this mailbox' whenever you try to use an email option.




To switch on email notification

You can set up your mailbox so that any messages received in future are forwarded to your email address. The messages are not stored in your voicemail mailbox.

1.Login to your mailbox.
2.Select the required type of email notification.
For a email alert press *02.
To have the message forwarded to your email, press *01.


To forward a message to email

If you are listening to a message you can send the message to your email either whilst listening to it or immediately after it has been played.

1.During or immediately after playing a message, press 6.
2.Press 1. The message is forwarded to your email address.


To switch off email notification

If you have chosen any of the email notification options, you can switch them off from your telephone.

1.Log into your mailbox.
2.Press *03. You hear a confirmation message to tell you that the option is now turned off.



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