Using Voicemail

Accessing Your Mailbox and Messages

Your system administrator can also configure other methods of access including access to your mailbox from other phones.


Accessing Your Mailbox

1.Press an idle intercom or call appearance button and dial 777.
To access your mailbox from another extension, dial 778 and enter your own extension number when asked which mailbox you want to access.
2.If your mailbox has an access code set, you will be prompted to enter it. Enter your access code.
3.You will hear a prompt telling you how many messages you have. If you have any new messages the voicemail system will start playing your new messages.
4.You can use the controls indicated below to manage your mailbox and messages.



Once a new message has been listened to, it is marked as 'old' and is automatically deleted after 24 hours. If you do not want the message deleted, you must mark it as 'saved' by pressing 5 while listening to the message.



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