Using Voicemail

Each extension on the system has a voicemail mailbox by default. The message lamp on your phone is lit when you have new messages in your mailbox.

Except for special cases, for example the extensions connected to the fax machine and loudspeaker, the mailboxes are used when the extension has calls it does not answer within a set time (by default 15 seconds though this can be adjusted for each extension by the system administrator).

In addition to accessing your mailbox and listening to your messages, you can perform a range of other actions:


Record Your Name
Your can replace the extension number played to callers with a recording of your name.
Set an Access Code
You can set an access code that must be entered whenever you try to access your mailbox.
Record a Greeting
You can replace the default greeting asking a caller to you mailbox to leave a message with your own recorded greeting.
Switch Voicemail Cover On/Off
You can select whether voicemail should be used to cover calls ringing at your extension.
Forward a Message
You can forward a message to another extension or extensions. You can also add you own comments to the message.
Call a Message Sender
If the message includes the caller ID, you can initiate a call back to the message sender.
Voicemail Email
You can use email to receive notification of a new voicemail message.



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