If the telephone has previously been deployed with non-IP Office SIP firmware, this process is required in order to return all the phone's settings to their defaults. You do not need to perform this procedure on a phone being redeployed from another IP Office system.

This process should only be used with phones that have SIP firmware loaded. Do not use this process on a phone that has UNIStim firmware loaded.


1.On the back of the phone, locate the white label with three bar codes.

2.The number just above the bottom bar code is the MAC address of the phone. This is used as part of the factory default process.

3.Write down the MAC address. It should consist of six pairs of hexadecimal numbers, each pair separated by a : or space.

4.The MAC address needs to be translated into a number that can be dialed as part of the default process. To do this:

The numbers 0 to 9 remain numbers 0 to 9.

The letters A to F are translated to the number key on which the letter is printed on the phone. So ABC = 2, DEF = 3.

Any : characters and any spaces are ignored.

For example, the MAC address A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6 translated to value 212223343536.

5.The number that needs to be dialed on the phone is **73639<Translated MAC>## (**renew<Translated MAC>##). Write this down, inserting the translated MAC address of the phone.

6.Dial the reset string. This can be done when the phone is idle or when starting.

7.If the string was recognized, the phone will display Reset to Factory Settings.

8.Press Yes to complete the reset to factory procedure. Press No to quit without resetting the phone.