IP Office Technical Tip

9508 Speakerphone Operation

This Technical Tip is to advise customers of an intermittent voice quality issue when using the speakerphone of the 9508 telephone. The issue occurs specifically when the telephone Echo Canceller feature is switched on. The issue has been identified in the R34 9508 telephone firmware included with the IP Office 7.0(23) Administration software. To determine the release of firmware on a 9508 telephone, navigate to the following options:


The affected version is displayed as: 9508: Rel: 0.34 08/11/11

Avaya recommends that customers experiencing issues with the 9508 speakerphone to turn off the Echo Canceller feature. The Echo Canceller feature can be switched off by navigating to the following options:


A fix for this issue will be made available in a future release of software.