IP Office Technical Tip

IP Office R7 3Q Maintenance Release Patch

This Technical Tip is to advise customers of the availability of a patch to the 7.0(23) Administration Maintenance Release software released in September 2011. The patch, 7.0(232702), consists of new IP500 and IP500v2 binary files, 9500 telephone firmware and IP Office Manager components.

The patch can be downloaded from the Avaya Support Website: http://support.avaya.com

The new 9500 telephone firmware resolves an intermittent speakerphone issue when the telephone Echo Canceller feature is switched on. This issue was documented in IP Office Technical Tip 235.

The following issues are resolved when using the IP500v2 binary file and Manager Components contained in this patch:

  1. CQ124068 Manager only uses quarter of the screen when started in French

  2. CQ42191 Dial by Name failing on 7.0.23 with Embedded VoiceMail

  3. CQ124089 User & Hunt Group Announcements - no disconnection from EVM after playing first announcement .wav clip.

  4. CQ123983 Queue announcements failing when call is transferred to group via the Auto Attendant


Avaya recommends that users experiencing the speakerphone issues documented in Technical Tip 235 or the issues above apply this patch.

Before applying this patch please ensure that the IP Office and PC running the Manager application are already running the 7.0(23) release.

To install the 7.0(232792) patch please perform the following:

  1. Run the self-extracting 7.0(232792) patch to a temporary folder on the PC running the Manager application. This will create a "PATCH7_0_237202" folder containing "Manager" and "Manager\fr-FR" folders.

  2. Take a back up copy of the files in the "Manager" and "Manager\fr-FR" installation folders before copying the contents from the patch location.

  3. Copy the 9500 telephone firmware to the TFTP server or IP Office IP500v2 SD Card.

  4. Start the Manager application and upgrade the IP Office to the 7.0(232702) release.