IP Office Technical Tip

Upgrading from IP Office 7.0 to 8.0 within the 90-Day Entitlement Window

This Technical Tip is to advise customers of an issue when newly installed IP Office release 7.0 systems are upgraded to release 8.0 within the 90-day entitlement window. When the system has been upgraded to 8.0 it will, once the system is restarted after the 90 days entitlement window has elapsed, fail to restart without the addition of either an Essential Edition or 8.0 Upgrade License key. In this situation when the system is restarted after this elapsed time it will not be possible to make or receive calls.

To assist customers in this situation Avaya is providing a no cost upgrade to Release 8.0 for customers that installed an IP Office 7.0 system after September 12, 2011. Please contact your Avaya Distributor who will provide the 8.0 Upgrade License key (part number 267792 IPO LIC UPG R8.0).

Avaya will be addressing this issue in a future release of 8.0 software.